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Leadership and management development

Why it matters

Your leaders and managers shape your business - invest in them!

We've all heard it before: people leave a manager, not a job. Skilled leaders and managers who can build good relationships and 'walk the talk' are integral to employee engagement - which in turn is integral to business growth.

So why leave it to chance? Investing in learning and development for your leaders and managers is vital. We'll help you make sure they have the tools they need to do a great job.

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Coats PLC gave managers the skills to succeed, building leadership skills through a blended learning solution.

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The best of a blend

Kineo and The Oxford Group - together we can deliver what your leaders and managers need

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It's a winning combination - digital learning experts at Kineo plus The Oxford Group's experience with talent management and development. We'll work together to create blended solutions just for you - programs designed to create skilled, trusted leaders who'll have a measurable impact on your business.

That means first-class workshops and executive coaching supported with virtual classrooms, digital content and platforms to continue the engagement.

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Our approach

Learning experiences as flexible and hardworking as we ask our leaders and managers to be

Talk to us about what you need - we can help you get there with custom elearning content, relevant resources and platforms or portals to support.

  • Lead learners through a journey

    It can be hard to find time to apply what you learn at work. We aim to provide learning journeys that include assessment, goal setting, practice and reflection. The ultimate goal is for your team to cross the learning-doing gap and show results in their everyday work.

  • Time to apply

    Managers don’t just need to know. They need to do. We create scenarios that help learners to practice leadership skills in a safe environment with expert feedback.

  • A comprehensive toolkit

    We can create portals and toolkits for your managers - packed with best practice examples, techniques to apply immediately and links to more in-depth articles and research. Why not combine them in a series of personalized development journeys for your people?

  • A platform to share

    They say it's lonely at the top! Being able to share experiences with peers or a mentor is an important part of leadership development. We can build a place for your managers to chat, collaborate in assignments or take part in webinars and virtual classrooms.

Off-the-shelf solutions

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    Qualifications and accreditation

    ILM programs develop core leadership and management skills—and lead to an industry recognized qualification. Or get ILM accreditation for your existing in-house courses.

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