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May 2018

How US Beef trains managers using blended learning

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Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer Makhani

Senior Solutions Consultant at Kineo US

May is “National Barbecue Month” and what’s a barbecue without beef? Indeed, this is the perfect time to highlight US Beef’s training innovations. US Beef, the largest franchisee of Arby’s restaurants, uses a hybrid delivery system for their manager training program. The company has expanded its employee education by serving up some award-winning innovation to its managers-in-training.

How US Beef trains managers

US Beef already had a successful training program, but it was composed entirely of classroom training. The company wanted to upgrade to digital offerings to help meet the needs and expectations of their growing workforce. They transformed the program with blended learning elements, with a strong focus on coaching and assessment.

For US Beef trainees in the online system, they progress through bite-sized learning modules. Their progress is tracked as they move to the next level in their process. Once completed, trainees receive recognition through the system. The instant gratification of seeing progress cannot be overstated. As one article on elearning notes, “Even though it takes no extraordinary effort on the part of the user to make progress, people generally want to be acknowledged for their work. And if it's presented in a way which is interesting, your learners will feel rewarded, and thus, engaged.” In this way, the trainees are empowered in their learning.

For the trainees’ supervisors, the online learning system offers them a window into where each trainee is in their learning journey, and areas of mastery or struggle. This system aims to empower the learner while also strengthening the relationship with his/her boss, offering opportunities for transparency and accountability. In developing this management training program for US Beef, we were able to tie an existing program and tailor it to their corporate culture, while creating customized courses in compliance, professional skills and leadership to prepare trainees for US Beef franchises. This training program received the coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence in Best Use of Blended Learning in 2016. US Beef continues to use and enhance their blended learning solution for various management training purposes. You can read more on their case study.

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Tanveer Makhani

Tanveer Makhani

Senior Solutions Consultant at Kineo US

Tanveer specializes in the strategy and design of learning, professional development, and learning management. As a director, policy advisor, professor, and consultant, Tanveer has helped numerous clients develop successful learning environments and processes.

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