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Aug 2019

Gamified training to deliver on your business goals

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Brian Beverly

Brian Beverly

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Well, that’s not necessarily true when you introduce the concept of gamification in your learning and development plans. If you’re unfamiliar with gamification, the simplest way to understand is to think in terms of videogames. The same mechanics that make videogames fun and engaging, like competition and rewards, can be applied to employee training, sales and marketing, customer retention, and employee engagement. At Kineo, we’ve had great success delivering gamified solutions and services that are aligned with business objectives. In fact, we were recently listed on Training Industry's Watchlist for Top Gamification Companies in 2019. Our experience developing highly engaging gamified elearning products is unlike other e-learning solutions in that our offerings are meticulously engineered around client goals.

When deployed properly, gamification can go a long way in helping you accomplish your organizational training goals, but that’s not even the full picture. Gamified training modules help your business tap into employee motivations and give you a better idea of what drives your workforce. Through badging and scoring functionality, you can see specific areas where people excel. There’s also the ability to simulate real-world scenarios that relate to your business. The gameplay allows trainees to see illustrated results and consequences of given actions within these scenarios. But most of all, gamified digital learning gives your employees the chance to acquire knowledge, boost skills and interactively execute organizational tasks in an engaging way.

For all that can be said about the benefits of gamified learning, it’s still worth noting that there is a wrong way to go about it. A common problem with these solutions can be using gamification for gamification’s sake. This happens when courses merely aim to sugarcoat the learning content and add gaming components that aren’t relevant to the desired results. Whatever challenges and scoring you choose to set up, they should be focused on the learning needs of your employees. From Kineo’s perspective, this all starts with getting the facts and asking the right questions upfront. When we approach a solution, we design and develop around four principles: 

  • Start with clear goals, needs, and motivations of employees
  • Design for results, instead of just building content
  • Focus on behaviors that drive performance
  • Achieve this all via focused and engaging learning techniques

One recent case where Kineo was able to deliver effective gamified training was through a partnership with Rolls Royce. The British luxury car brand approached Kineo to develop a sales training solution for their Black Badge variant – a bolder, more powerful line of vehicles. The training goal was to instruct dealers on how to recognize potential Black Badge customers, effectively deliver the brand story, and better position themselves in sales conversations.

With those goals in mind, Kineo developed a product that combined Rolls-Royce’s unparalleled marketing and branding campaigns with gamification technology. The game functionality required dealers to qualify two customers who walk into their dealership. If they correctly identified a customer, they were then instructed to try and make a sale by explaining the brand story and features of the car. The scenario also had trainees fielding questions from the customer. By working closely with Rolls Royce on the objectives of this digital learning challenge, Kineo was able to get their sales teams trained in a simple, quick, and effective manner.

As you might have guessed by now, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to gamification. The exact components and functionality come about as a result of asking the right questions and understanding goals. At Kineo we pride ourselves on doing the homework before diving into any solution and training plan. We like to think that these are the same reasons CIO Review ranked Kineo among the top 20 gamification companies this year. Through our extensive experience in the elearning industry, we’ll help you uncover how your business can benefit from gamified training solutions and beyond.

Brian Beverly

Brian Beverly

Brian Beverly is the Director of Content Development at Kineo US