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How in-house teams become the go-to place for learning


Aug 2017

How in-house teams become the go-to place for learning


Discover everything you need to make business impact and get buy-in from stakeholders

From lacking the right capabilities to being ignored at the table (or being left out of the room completely), internal L&D teams face many challenges when it comes to creating and delivering in-house learning.

We hear you and no, you're not alone. It's not easy for an in-house team to get things right, but it's certainly not impossible. Join Kineo's co-founder Mark Harrison and Gary Spring, Head of Learning Design at Barclays UK, as they share what it takes for in-house teams to be successful and drive results. 

Watch this recording to discover:

  • what capabilities an in-house team needs and how to upskill team members
  • how to be seen as the experts and collaborate with areas of the business
  • how to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

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    Mark Harrison

    One of Kineo's founders, and the Director responsible for our consultancy services, Mark also looks after our growing network of international offices. With 30 years of experience in the elearning design and development world, he often provides strategic and design consultancy and support to our customers across the globe.