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Mar 2020

Kineo's response to the Covid-19 outbreak


Keeping you learning through COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is a fast-paced and fluid situation and is affecting countries across the world. We are closely monitoring the global situation and putting in place our own measures to support all of our customers, employees and stakeholders.

Business continuity

While the health and welfare of our staff and colleagues is a priority for us, it’s important to reassure our clients that, as a remote learning provider, we are ideally placed to support you and the projects we are delivering.

We are following government guidelines and World Health Organization (WHO) official advice and all staff are set up to work from home. There may be some minor disruption, so please bear with us, but we will be doing everything possible to keep it at a minimum.

We have an established business continuity process, supported by a crisis response team (CRT). The team has a strong understanding of the key processes and systems, and the needs of our employees, customers and stakeholders. Business continuity arrangements are being reviewed and managed in line with the latest advice regarding Covid-19 and as the situation evolves.

In addition, we have set up a Covid-19 Incident Response Team who meet daily to review the ongoing situation and latest Government and World Health Organization (WHO) official advice. This team is responding to queries and preparing and issuing guidance and will be working closely with the CRT to ensure the business is prepared to respond to the changing situation and any incidents that may arise.

Supporting our clients and employees

We’re confident in our teams’ ability to support clients across all our products and services and have confirmed with our providers where necessary that they are able to continue remote delivery and support services through these challenging times.

We are taking a number of actions including:

  •  Keeping our people informed and updated on actions they can take to reduce the impact on themselves and others around them
  • Initiating and testing our response plan to support remote access for all of our staff to maintain continuity of client services in the event of access or travel restrictions to our offices
  •  Encouraging use of telephone and video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings  
  • Advising and reminding all staff to act in accordance with government hygiene, health and safety advice and providing materials to do so
  •  Being proactive with our clients to understand how we can best support them with their requests or concerns 
  • Contacting clients regarding upcoming work to agree on an action plan where appropriate
  • Engaging with our third party partners and suppliers to ensure that they have resilient business continuity plans in place

We’ll continue to deliver great digital learning throughout these challenging times. We recognize that you, like everyone, will be navigating your own uncharted waters, and there may be things you haven’t had a chance to consider yet. As a business that specializes in delivering online learning solutions with remote delivery, please let us know if there are any areas you need advice or support in – we’re here to help. If you would like to speak to any one of us, if only to bend an ear or hear how we’ve identified different ways to overcome the challenges of remote communication, learning or other service delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact your Solutions Consultant or Kineo contact, or email us at