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Innovative elearning content, driven by purpose


“We’re not into technology fads. It’s all about the learning experience”

We’re learning people first. Technology is great, but we think the tech you choose is less important than creating engaging learning content.

Our experienced learning designers work with you to understand your business challenges and context - then recommend the best tools for the job.

Three screenshots of Kineo created learning

Our content solutions

What we do

    Custom digital learning content is at the heart of what we do

    What are your business challenges? We’ll design precisely what you need to develop skills, improve performance and get results. Whatever the sector, subject matter or style you need - we’ll be your trusted partner.

    We use a multitude of tools and techniques to create an engaging experience - one that really helps your people learn, gain new skills or knowledge and be great at their jobs. The outcome is an experience that feels authentic to your learners - created for their specific needs, on brand and fully relevant to your business.

    Workplace learning needn’t be boring

    Our elearning courses look great but - more importantly - they get the job done. That’s because we’re learning people first. Our courses are engaging, lead to genuine knowledge transfer and deliver results.

    Short, high impact nuggets of learning, designed to fit with your learners’ busy lives

    We’ll create beautiful, effective bite-sized learning that’s tailored to your needs and can be delivered however you want—from your learning platform, via an app, or standalone.

    We’ve all been there - you just need help right now to get a job done

    We can create a series of resources your learners can call upon at precisely the right time—when, where and how they need it. Whether it’s checklists, FAQs, top tips or how-to videos, we’ll help you develop a bank of resources to support your people’s performance.

    Not sure whether video or a game-based solution is best to deliver your learning? Why choose?

    Interactive video has the best of both worlds - immerse the learner in the experience using video designed by people who know learning inside out. Use branching, hotspots and scoring to deal with a range of scenarios - from hazard perception to role play.

    Want to provide an immersive, memorable and compelling learning experience?

    Games can be a great way to do just that. Tap into a scenario-based approach for a safe way to practice skills. And bring learners back for more by introducing an element of competition and the need to 'complete' the game.

    It doesn't all have to be elearning

    A blend of different elements - digital, face to face, supporting resources - can create a complete learning program that'll engage your learners and help them embed new skills.

    Kineo success story

    Credit Suisse logo

    Meet DigiPigi. We worked with Credit Suisse to deliver product knowledge in a fun, attention-grabbing way

    To launch new banking services to Credit Suisse's sales teams, we used Adapt and imaginative art direction to make a short online course that reflected the product's fun brand and concept.

    Read the story
    Case study iPhone screen
    Credit Suisse Digipigi money bank
    Case study iPhone screen
    Credit Suisse Digipigi illustrations of a girl saving money
    Case study iPhone screen
    Credit Suisse Digipigi course

    How we produce learning content

      We'll pick the right tool for the job

      Adapt, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora … we’re tool agnostic and will use whatever is most suitable for the job.

      Building content in-house? We can support you with advice, templates and training to get the best results from the authoring tool you choose.

      Adapt, Articulate, Adobe Captivate and Lectora logos

      Bring your learning to life!

      We use animation to break down complex concepts, introduce learning in small pieces and to set the tone or emotion for the learning environment. From high-impact visuals to simple animated elements we can produce something eye-catching and effective for you.

      Quality, engaging video content that will immerse your learners in the experience

      Whether you're after something slick or more of a selfie video style, we can help. We take a 'magpie' approach, choosing a different kind of film treatment to suit the context and learning need. Just let us know your requirements and budget and we'll find the right video solution.

      Bitesize audio content your learners can listen to any time and anywhere they want

      Podcast popularity is on the rise - tap into the trend with bitesize pieces of audio content. Whatever the format - an expert voice, Q&A session or round-table discussion - we can help you get started. Your learners can listen whenever and wherever is suitable for them.

      Kineo's stream of thought podcast logo

      Update and refresh your existing content

      We can convert existing Flash-based courses into Adapt - a highly responsive web application designed for learning content. Allow learners to access the training from any device - a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Adapt content pages look like a scrolling web page, making navigation familiar and intuitive.

      Illustrated Flash logo

      A collaborative approach

      By working together, we can get better results

      We want you to be delighted with the end product we create for you - that goes without saying. But we also want you to have a great experience working with us. That's why so many of our customers choose to work with us again.

      Our consultative style means we can really get under the skin of your challenge. Just share what you want to achieve and we'll tackle those challenges in our trademark creative way. We'll make sure we have complete understanding on both sides so there are no surprises or misunderstandings. And you'll have plenty of chances to check in and understand our processes.

      Partnering with you every step of the way

      Our robust ISO-accredited process

      • We discuss

        Defining what we're all aiming to achieve

      • We propose

        Coming up with an approach

      • We listen

        Getting your feedback and making changes

      • We review

        Post-launch review to feed into future work

      Get in touch

      Sound good? Let's talk

      We’ll have a chat to find out what you need. From there we can arrange a more in-depth meeting with our learning specialists.

      Once we understand your challenges we’ll demonstrate how we’d like to help you meet them. If you like what you see, we’ll get to work on making you a learning hero in your business.

      Ways to get in touch

      Learning platforms

      See how we combine experience and skills to build learning platforms that let your content shine

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